Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Kids Are Alright

Sounds of boiling water pop in a rhythmic pattern to my left, but my eyes are drawn forward to follow the joyous sounds of laughter coming from outside.  Peering out the window and four stories below, I see a tiger madly twirling a hula hoop around her flailing body in every attempt to keep it above her knees.  Batman is running in circles, his head thrown back as he screams in harmony with the wind.  Cinderella and Snow White are jumping rope with Spiderman, while Dorothy is playing hopscotch; a long way from the home of Kansas. 

It’s world book day, and the school is alive in imagination. 

Somewhere in the directions of dressing up as your favorite story book character, the translation was lost to the sheer opportunity to play dress up.  But in the masses of princesses and superheroes (with some book heroines in-between) a message of hope in the season of ashes radiates brighter than the sky on this rare sunny day.  Unaware to the vulnerability that sews their soul together, the children play on.  

The kettle starts to whistle, signaling the tea is ready to make, lessons need to be planned, and resources need to be copied.  But right now in this moment, faith grows in the laughter of the young.  

Some say faith is a childish game.  Play on children, like its Christmas day.