Sunday, August 18, 2013

Going on a Treasure Hunt

Saturday night we were greeted with a challenge:  “Get into your country groups and take these clues to find your dinner location. Your YAGM alum from your country will be waiting for you!”  We were given the clues along with a bus pass, and scrambled to collect ourselves to journey through the city – we were really hungry and determined to find this place fast!

About 40 minutes later we were famished, but greeted with a victory – a quaint British pub equipped with fish and chips and shepherd’s pie. 

 We realized each country group was able to dine at a restaurant that was unique to our country’s culture, but in order to get there we had to navigate the way.  This required a lot of walking, dependence on public transportation, and not being afraid to ask for help.  Reflecting back, it was a great way to glimpse into the coming year, when I’ll have to blindly trust I am going the right direction and depend on human kindness to offer me help along the way.

I think one of the important lessons I am learning this week is the use of public transportation.  Growing up in the suburbs, I never had to rely on a bus or train to travel.  I had the luxury of a car, with spacious room, and air conditioning or heat to control.  As one who becomes overwhelmed in crowds, I’m learning a fast lesson that this simply does not matter when riding the bus or train.  We all pack in together because we all have somewhere to go.   While thinking about navigating all of this by myself next year, instead of worrying about getting lost or claustrophobic., I anticipate a great feeling of accomplishment when I’ll be able to venture out on a destination by myself successfully (and safely, of course!). 

As for now, we travel in wonderful groups as we learn and experience Christ (and Chicago) together! 
God's peace, 

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  1. "navigate the way" - i love those 3 words. May you notice where Jesus whispers and beckons each day. Maybe take these 3 words with you: "Jesus lives here" - wherever here is. May you live with love and trust in each moment and place you go today.