Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Power of the Pen

I often don’t know the stories that weave together the soul of each child I work with.  Bits of information will come through from the school… whether or not they receive free school meals, how many brothers and sisters they have, if they are on a special education plan through the school…. but the real stories the children carry in their hearts always shine in their writing. 

A picture speaks 1000 words. This one only has 64 to be exact.  But the story of love rings truer than ever.  

"Dear Mum
You have been a great mum because you always help me improve my reading and my writing. You help me improve my spelling and you always care about me.  Also you have so much fun with me.  And you teach me so much stuff and you let me play games too.  So that’s why you are the best mum in the world."


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