Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Christmas Poem

Twas the night before Christmas
With no room at the inn
So a manger was taken
To give life from within

A baby was born
From a virgin most plain
For a lesson that taught us
God loves everyone the same

The wise men would follow
A star shining bright
To lead them to the king
Giving us all eternal life

So in the season of advent
We wait and prepare
For the birth of our Savior
In intentional prayer


Tis the night before Christmas
And my parents are here
To celebrate the season
With good ol’ British cheer

I waited at the airport
For them safely to arrive
Until at last, reunited
We hugged and we cried

The past few days
We have spent all together
Riding double decker buses
And battling stormy weather

Now Christmas Eve is upon us
And how we do glee
At the ordainments adorned
Amongst the great Jesse tree

During church today
Voices sang Silent Night
Reading the Gospel of Luke
By Warm candle light

So tonight we will rest
All snug in our beds
And give thanks to God
For a stable roof over our heads

But for now I must say,
With much awaited delight:

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

1 comment:

  1. Katharine. I must confess that I have been remiss on not following your blog, but I found time on December 28 to catch up on everything you have written. What a wonderful Christmas gift your blog was to me. Thanks for sharing from your heart what you have been experiencing since you arrived in England -- and for doing it in a way that is powerful. May you continue to experience God's comforting and stirring presence in all kinds of ways during the remainder of this mission assignment. Extend my Happy New Year greetings to your parents. I'm sure they will look back on this visit with you in London as one of the most memorable Christmases they've ever had. Peace!