Friday, December 13, 2013

Counting Gifts through my Camera

Waking up exhausted on my last day of teaching for the term, I grabbed my camera in hopes of regaining some energy as I focused my lens into my heart to give thanks.  I pointed, I focused, I clicked and I prayed; always numbering the gifts God has created into this life of heaven.  With the added challenge of capturing my day without capturing the faces of any of my students, I hope you’ll enjoy some of the moments I caught in rectangular form.   

#587. The unsettled rareness of being the only fish in the belly of a whale

#589. The predictable wind hitting my skin from the roaring rush of a train

#590. The busyness of a waiting to-do list, keeping hands and hearts full of passion

#591. Preparing simple tools for infinite learning

#592. The power of a glue stick and some bits of paper

#593. Patience lining up paper corner to corner

#594. Allowed time for free imagination

#595. Tiny hands creating big works of art

#596.  Finished progress reports for every student, revealing growths, hidden strengths, and many focuses for next term

#601. Feeling the Holy Spirit alive in London

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